Kari Brooke Katzander – Elwell

is a landscape design expert for both commercial and residential properties.  She is a creator of living walls, green roofs and anything that pertains to the outdoor elements.  She takes her designs to a higher level of sustainability, ….. unseen.

Mingo Design LLC offers to its Clients “Turn Key Designs” as well as installation services and maintenance. From custom printed outdoor fabric for its furniture, to unique fountains from found objects. All technical aspects that have never been done before is her specialty.

For over thirty years, Kari has been practicing organic landscape maintenance and installation techniques. Green has been the theme at Mingo Design for longer than it was the “Cool Thing” to do.  Her unique background ranges from growing up on a small island of two hundred and fifty people to a working sheep farm in CT. Understanding the land and its effects on people comes naturally to Kari.

Kari listens to the Client’s ideas and then the design becomes a collaborative vision.  If allowed freedom to create, she takes on a whole different design process.  It is the Client whom ultimately dictates the process.

Awards have been won, numerous articles written and beautiful photos of her designs published when she is given freedom to create! Ask her for a “Wow Factor” and sit back and get ready to be thrown to a different dimension!

“Bring it on!” Kari says of most projects others shy away from.